A collaboration with the great folks at Print Club London, this screen print has been created using only analogue processes. Mike’s original signwritten artwork was used as the basis for creating three positives on trace. These were then used to produce the three screens, ahead of printing and signing.

This limited edition of 100 features Mike’s creative aphorism, ‘Think of the Obvious, and do the Opposite,’ printed in his trademark orange and blue. On pulling the last few prints, Mike commented that, “this is the fastest lettering I’ve ever done!

Read more about the print on the Print Club London blog, and grab one before they’re all gone here.

Mike Meyer painting one of the positives to create the screens from.

The original artwork was used to lay trace over in order to create the positives for making the screens.

The print was created using only analogue processes, a combination of signwriting and screen printing to create the three colour layers.

‘Think of the Obvious, and do the Opposite’ — Mike Meyer at Print Club London