The Better Letters Glowing Alphabet Peep Show started as an idea for a glow-in-the-dark exhibition room, and has since evolved into a modern curiosity cabinet installation debuting at the 2017 London Design Festival. After much experimentation, and testing of new materials and processes (see work-in-progress photos below), the show is now peepable 8am-8pm at the Hilton Bankside, Great Suffolk Street, SE1. It is one of many lettering and typography inspired events and exhibitions at the festival, including our workshops.

Here are 16 of the final 27 pieces inside the peep show. These have been selected to create a little wordsearch which credits those that have been pivotal in bringing the peep show together.

Words to find (diagonals and double-use of letters permitted) are…

  • Mike (Meyer, letters A, C, E, G, I, K, M, O, Q, S, U, W, Y, Z)
  • Utile (Studio, letters B, D, F, H, J, L, N, P, R, T, V, X, &)
  • David (Kynaston, exterior signwriting)
  • Tom (Graham Workshop, cabinet making)
  • Sam (Roberts, producer)
  • LDF (London Design Festival)
  • And the topical: View; Lit; Smut; Spy

Finally, here are some research & development/work-in-progress photos documenting the path to the final installation. We worked with a variety of materials to produce the works inside the cabinet, including Plike from G .F Smith, 1 Shot poster paint, Coo-var Glocote and Montana aerosols. The cabinet was made of Valchromat and painted in 1 Shot enamel.

Early tests with glow-in-the dark screen printing ink, direct to paper.

White paper cut-outs to test viewing distance ahead of developing specification for the cabinet.

Mike Meyer, Sign Painter, with early sketches for his letters.

Harry Fieber, Utile Studio, developing his skeletal X.

Pink, orange and green Glocote paints.

Base costing of letters in white ahead of applying fluorescent colours.

Pieces drying ahead of colouring.

Pieces drying after use of aerosols to achieve specific effects.

Discarded test pieces under UV light.

Work in progress on a toxic T from Harry Fieber, Utile Studio.

Mike Meyer, Sign Painter, and Tom Graham mounting letters for back panels of the peep show.

Inside the peep show under UV light, before sealing up.

The Better Letters Glowing Alphabet Peep Show installed at Hilton Bankside.