In July 2017 I was in Mazeppa, Minnesota, with Mike Meyer and his latest group of workshop students. It was hot, and while they were painting I was working on the proposal for a book. At that stage it was called ‘The Better Letters Book of Sign Painting’ and we described it in a sentence as:

An illustrated introduction to sign painting for those that want an easy reference for the basics, including the tools, materials and techniques needed to start producing painted signs and lettering.

Nearly four years later, which included a year’s delay to publication due to the pandemic, the book is now out. Although the name changed to ‘Sign Painting: A Practical Guide to Tools, Materials, and Techniques,’ that original intention for its purpose holds true. The knowledge inside is largely Mike Meyer’s, gained over 40 years working on signs and lettering. I was responsible for distilling this into a clear text, while Jasper Andries created a set of illustrations to convey the technical aspects of the trade.

In our initial proposal we suggested a collection of 20 to 30 alphabets from sign painters around the world, which in the final publication is just over 40 with a huge variety of styles to learn from. Additional material was provided by photographers and industry suppliers, without whom the book would never have happened. We would like to thank every single contributor that has helped to make what we hope will become the go-to how-to for many years to come.

Finally, thank you to the team at Laurence King, our publisher, who had the belief in our original proposal to take this ambitious project on and see it through to completion. Because of them the book is available around the world, and we urge you to support your local book shop or sign supplier when placing orders. Bookshop (USA) and Bookshop (UK) will allow you to do so in the USA and UK, while the ISBN (9781786276926) can help you order it elsewhere.

Book Launch

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Alphabet: Gaston Castagnet (Gaston the Painter)

Gustavo Ferrari (Ferrari Fileteados)

Alphabet: Ivan Castro