Mike Meyer’s hand lettering workshops take him all over the world and, back in 2017, we published a retrospective of promotional showcards he’d painted to publicise these. We neglected to do so in 2018, so you’ll find a wash up of those below, after the current set for the first half of 2019. Visit our workshops page for details of all Better Letters workshops, and join the mailing list for notifications of new dates and locations.

Paris: 8-11 March
Madrid: 14-17 March
Dublin: 21-24 March
Amsterdam: 4-7 April
London: 17-20 April
Bristol: 25-28 April
Zurich: 4-5 and 11-12 May
Chicago: 24-27 May
Hamilton: 1-4 June
New York: 8-11 June
New York: 13-16 June
Philadelphia: 20-23 June
Cincinnati: 27-30 June

And now for a look back at the showcards from 2018…