This is an experimental event to try bringing the essence of a Letterheads meet online via Zoom. This technology will allow us to host live demonstrations, small panel jams, a quiz, and probably more that we haven’t figured out yet. We hope you’ll join in and have some fun with it as we go along.

The plan is to kick off at 9am London time  on Saturday 6th June, and then to run for the rest of the day, and into the night. This should mean that wherever you are in the world, there’ll be a time that’s convenient to log on and participate.

Current Sessions

So far we have the following activities lined up, and we’ll be adding more to this page as volunteers step forward to contribute. Timings will be confirmed closer to the main event.

*This session will be delivered in Spanish with English subtitles.

**For this session you are invited to draw along so pick a letter from this document and have a pencil, a ruler, eraser and some tracing paper or regular A4 paper to hand.

Panels & Themed Works

In addition we’ll be exhibiting panels and other works on Instagram and during the meet. If you’d like to participate please send the following to [email protected] in advance of the event. We will accept up to three submissions per person, which can be based on the ‘Lockdown’ theme for this Letterheads, but that’s not essential. (Themes can include lockdown/stay home, the Letterheads motto: IOAFS, the 45th anniversary of the Letterheads, the Zoom hosting of the event, Covid-19, the event dates, anything signwriting and lettering related, something funny etc etc.)

  • Up to 10 photos per submission, including one that is as close to square on as possible (to enable Instagram upload, the piece itself can be any dimensions you like), with others optional to show details etc.
  • Your Instagram account for us to tag/credit the image.
  • Your location e.g. City, Country.
  • Materials and production techniques used to create the piece.
  • Dimensions of the piece.
Submitted work can also be put up for auction (in US Dollars) with all proceeds going to the creator. The auction will be facilitated via comments under pieces that we post to the dedicated @lockdownletterheads Instagram account, and we’ll cut to these at various points during the meet to encourage buyers to go higher and higher! For pieces that are to be auctioned, we’ll also need the following additional information.
  • Weight of the piece. (Please consider using lightweight materials to keep shipping costs down.)
  • Local vs ‘Rest of World’ shipping costs. Please try to find out as best as possible the likely shipping costs to a buyer in your own country, versus one that lives elsewhere in the world. This cost will be additional to any bid made, with final details to be worked out between the creator and the buyer.
  • If you have a ‘reserve’ price that you want to share with buyers then please specify this.

Letterheads Legacy

Finally, as it is 45 years since the first meet in Denver Colorado, we’d love to do a retrospective of panels and memories from past events. Please send photos, videos, and any notes about them to [email protected].

The seven original Letterheads, Denver 1985. From left: Bob Mitchell, Mark Oatis, John Frazier, Mike Rielley, Noel Weber, Earl Vehill, Rick Flores. (The women are currently unidentified.)

Pass it On

Please share details of this event, including the link to this page, the Instagram and/or the registration page, using #LockdownLetterheads. Mike Meyer’s artwork can be downloaded (for Instagram, for web), but even better would be to use your own!

Questions can be directed to [email protected] and we look forward to welcoming you in June. IOAFS, Sam, Mike & Team Better Letters

Register Here (Free, but Required)