In addition to the workshops, walking tours and light projections organised by Better Letters and Ghostsigns, there are a host of other events, exhibitions and installations featuring lettering and typography at this year’s London Design Festival. Much of this is focused in the Bankside Design District in Southwark, and a suggested itinerary for the busiest day of Wednesday 21 September is detailed below. Here are some of the date-specific things to look out for, and we’ve also created a map of all the locations where lettering and typography stuff is going on.

Date Specific Events

Lettering & Typography at LDF16 Map

Lettering & Typography Day: Wednesday 21st September

09:30-10:00 – The Sign Machine

Make your way to the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge to take a ride on ‘The Sign Machine’. Created by Morag Myerscough and Luke Morgan this kinetic swing installation opens a dialogue between the user and the components of the structure and its surroundings, combining product with motion. Users turn and control a series of rods brandishing bold, simple messaging, objects and signs to interact with one another and create wider statements. Find out more…

10:00-12:00 – The Victoria & Albert Museum

Walk along the Brompton Road to grab a coffee and explore the myriad events and installations at the Victoria & Albert Museum, and of course the London Design Festival Shop. Find out more…

12:00-13:45 – Typographic Travel & Lunch

Jump on the London Underground in the Centenary year of the Johnston Typeface and make your way to Borough Market for a dazzling choice of fresh and cooked foods for lunch. While there, also check out some of the historic and contemporary signage that the market has to offer. (Get directions from the V&A to Borough Market.)

14:00-15:00 – Type Tasting Workshop

Head to Bedales and join the Type Tasting ‘What’s Your Type?’ workshop (pre-booking required), a roller coaster ride of experiments, games and demonstrations exploring the personalities of fonts. Use the Font Selfie machine to generate your own type personality analysis. Become part of the discovery process and take away your own ‘tasting notes’ that you can use in the future to help you choose fonts. Find out more…

15:30-16:30 – Beer on Bermondsey Street

Wander over to Bermondsey and grab a quick half in the Woolpack. Peruse the old enamel signs on display and use the WiFi to download the Bankside Ghostsigns Walk.

16:30-18:30 – Bankside Ghostsigns Walk

Explore the streets of Bermondsey and Southwark through the lens of ‘ghostsigns‘ using the new Ghostsigns Tours App. With more than 15 examples of fading painted signs along the way, the tour will introduce you to the stories they tell through a mixture of audio and visual content. Find out more…

18:30-19:00 – Creative Spaces & Places

From the end of the tour, walk a short way back onto Southwark Street to take a look at the Camille Walala installation for the Better Bankside Creative Spaces & Places project. Find out more…

19:00-20:00 – Dinner at OXBO

Take another short walk to OXBO and enjoy some time off your feet in this restaurant, with its own ‘faux’ ghostsign, a replica of one you’ll have seen on the walking tour.

20:00-22:00 – Light Capsules x Ghostsigns

Step next door and finish the day with a custom cocktail at The Distillery, and a light projection show inspired by ghostsigns visible from the terrace. Find out more…

(You can also visit the second Better Bankside Creative Space & Places piece on Price’s Street from All for Love.)

Now time for bed and dreams of lettering and type. If you’re still hungry for more then on other days at the festival there is a Signwriting Workshop with Mike Meyer, a Blackboard Art & Lettering workshop, more ‘Light Capsules‘, a Type & Wine Tasting evening, a Graphics Weekend, and an exhibition of erasers and associated type and packaging. Enjoy!