Merry Christmas by Oli Frape

In case you missed it, the last 25 days have seen the Type Worship blog running a series of hand-lettered and typographic advent calendar pieces. These have come from an international cast of lettering artists and type designers, each interpreting one of the days leading up to Christmas. With each piece comes a description of the concept and the process leading to the final artwork.

Above is the piece by Oli Frape, creating the form of the number two in the negative space formed by hand-rendered translations of Merry Christmas in a variety of languages. (More of Oli’s work is featured in Better Letters’ Hand Jobs.) A couple more examples can be seen below from Yulia Brodskaya and Sergey Shapiro, with all of the rest available via a scroll through the Type Worship advent calendar posts…

PS. Merry Christmas!

Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Seven Teen by Sergey Shapiro