The PVS [Pre-Vinylite Society] Journal is a unique publication featuring essays, stories, interviews, and inspirations on commercial art and its contexts.”

This is the opening blurb to the dedicated kickstarter page for what promises to be a very special publication from our friends at the Pre-Vinylite Society, if you and others back their drive to raise the necessary funds to print it…

Pre-Vinylite Society Journal Contents

The project is the culmination of three years’ work getting the idea off the ground, soliciting and editing the submissions from an international cast of writers, artisans and photographers, and then getting the whole thing designed and ready for production. The contents (above) should whet the appetit of all those with an interest in graphic design, lettering, sign painting, art and the various intersections of these.

Interview with artist Scott Listfield by Meredith Kasabian

As well as special features, such as Meredith Kasabian’s interview with painter Scott Listfield, there will also be a number of recurring sections in each future issue. One of these will be ‘Lettering Locations’ by Better Letters’ Sam Roberts, the first of which profiles the wonderful sign museum in Vienna.

Teaching America How to Letter by Randall M. Hasson

The story of the Speedball Textbook is one article that we’re particularly excited about, as well as Mark Oatis’ perspective on poster design. All this goodness inside is then wrapped in cover that features an original hand-painted work by Best Dressed Signs and Pre-Vinylite Society founder Josh Luke. We implore you to back this project on kickstarter now to get a copy of the publication, and myriad other goodies, in your hands.

The Pre-Vinylite Society Journal: Issue 1