Photos: acrylicize / Nikhilesh Haval

Better Letters / Ghostsigns got involved with a project earlier this year to create a ‘faux ghostsign‘ at Coca-Cola’s new head quarters in central London. This was part of a larger piece of interior design by interior and architectural designers Morey Smith, incorporating many aspects of Coke’s heritage through genuine historic artefacts and artistic interpretations of the brand.

Collaborators on the ghostsign were: acrylicize; Brilliant Signs; Mike Meyer; Spectrum Signs; Utile Creative; Paul Richards; and Better Letters/Ghostsigns. The offices were designed by MoreySmith, with other installations on the ‘feature wall’ by acrylicize (gallery here).

It was a fantastic project to be involved with, making use of original documentation to ensure an authentic set of ‘ghostsigns’ now adorn the entrance and other walls across the building.

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