Now that it’s arrived safely in New York we’re happy to share this work that was commissioned as a thank you gift for the brilliant team at Colossal Media. They have offered us amazing support since our first workshop there with Mike Meyer in 2015. We were due to be there this week but workshop plans are on hold for the foreseeable future.

‘Early is on Time’ full reverse-glass gilded piece.

The work was created by a team from Alphabetics Anonymous comprising design from Hana Sunny Whaler and Archie Saladin, who also produced the finished gilded piece, and then vectoring by Mia Warner to deliver a slightly adapted digital artwork for Colossal to use as they wish.

‘Early is on Time’ vectorised artwork.

The phrase itself (‘Early is on Time’) was something that Mike Meyer and I noticed on a large sign/banner when we first entered the Colossal Media shop in 2015. This was their old place in Williamsburg, and the message of the sign struck a chord with both of us. There’s a lot to be said for turning up and working hard, and punctuality is part of this. The full phrase seems to be ‘Early is on time. On time is late. And late is unacceptable.’ but it’s origins and history seem to be lost to obscurity.

Thank you Archie, Hana and Mia for taking this on and producing a beautiful gift that has gone down well with the team at Colossal. More pictures follow, and more projects can be viewed here.


PS. Thanks also to Dave Smith for the detailed packing advice, which Archie clearly followed to the letter, and to UPS for facilitating its safe passage to America.

‘Early is on Time’ detail.

‘Early is on Time’ detail.

‘Early is on Time’ detail.

‘Early is on Time’ development sketches.

‘Early is on Time’ by Alphabetics Anonymous