An incredible weekend learning how to paint Roman & Copperplate from sensai Dave Kynaston along with a bunch of other awesome sign painters – Ged Palmer

David Kynaston hosted the first classical hand-lettering workshop over the weekend with a group of ten signwriters and lettering artists from around the world. Guests traveled from as far away as Canada, The Netherlands and Sweden to learn Roman and Copperplate Script lettering from one of the masters. Here are a selection of photos, video and feedback from the day. Keep an eye on the Workshops page and join the mailing list for details of the next workshop.

The first day took everyone through the point system that David uses to layout and construct Roman lettering. The system provides an efficient and flexible way to size letters and spacing through a series of measures derived from the required letter height. This was then followed by working with a long sable chisel to practise the key strokes, especially the serifs, required for painting the letters. By the end of the day there was a good selection of quality Roman lettering on show, demonstrating the effectiveness of David’s technique and teaching approach. This was helped by some of his custom tools and instructional sheets which had been prepared specially for the workshop.

Day two focused on constructing and painting copperplate script letters. This time everyone got to work with a pointed brush, a tool perfectly suited to the flowing forms being created. After the discipline of laying out the letters in detail it was time to work with just very simple pencil guides and more freehand work on the brush. This was interspersed with a variety of demonstrations by David Kynaston to show what can be achieved with this form of lettering.

The last part of the workshop was spent working on panels to create layouts using both letter forms. This was an opportunity to get creative, show some appreciation to David and, in my case, to get a piece painted by the master himself (below). Thank you to David Kynaston for leading, A.S. Handover for hosting and all the participants for their energy, dedication and laughs: Bryce Von Leadfoot; Celeste; Dan’s Handpainted Signs: Dapper Signs; Ged Palmer: Miranda & Roben from the Dutch Signpainters’ Guild; Peter Letter Boy; Scott Brush Boys; Shaun Cheddar Signs.

Great weekend with some very talented & interesting people – Shaun Harris

Thanks David Kynaston for teaching us, Sam Roberts for the great organization and all the others for the concentration and fun! – Miranda Ensink

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