Better Letters is a lettering agency and signwriting contractor, providing access to talented craftspeople around the world. Our work ranges from lettering commissions for advertising and design, through to large-scale signwriting for interiors and architecture. We also deliver workshops for those interested in getting ‘on the brush’.

Our role on any given project can range from recommending individuals and teams to work with directly, through to full project management and production services. We operate around the world, connecting commissioners with local and international talent to deliver physical and/or digital assets as required. Our only pre-requisites are that you, as a client, are looking for something authentically hand-crafted, and to work with fun and professional folk.

At the core of the team are Sam Roberts, Producer, and Mike Meyer, Sign Painter. We teamed up in 2014 to host the London screenings of Sign Painters and have been in partnership ever since.

About Sam

Londoner Sam Roberts is a qualified project manager and learning and development professional. He spent the early part of his career in the advertising industry which eventually led to various side projects under his ‘Ghostsigns‘ initiative. This resulted in collaborations with contemporary signwriters and the desire, through Better Letters, to champion the craft and its future. Sam is based in Sant Pere de Ribes, Catalonia where he lives with his young family.

About Mike

Mike Meyer still lives in his hometown of Mazeppa, Minnesota, but spends much of his time on the road teaching workshops and attending Letterheads events. With over 30 years in the trade there isn’t much that Mike hasn’t painted, or painted on, but he’s always open to new and exciting ventures in the sign game. Mike was profiled in the Sign Painters film and book, and his work has been recognised by the Type Directors Club. In his own words, “Nothing can replace the ‘power’ of what a brush in your hand can produce.”

Work With Us

We’d love to talk to you about all things signwriting and lettering. We’re always interested in hearing from clients looking for craftspeople to work with, and from talented craftspeople that can help us to expand our network. Likewise, do let us know about interesting projects, films and other media that we can share with our community.

Email Sam or give us a call on +44 20 3968 1722.