Workshop: Illustrated Lettering Forms with Gerard Huerta

19 May 2018

Type Directors Club, New York

The Illustrated Lettering Forms Workshop — an advanced hand lettering course geared toward seasoned Creative Directors, Art Directors, Designers and Illustrators who want to hone their skills and bring more life to creating unique letterforms and wordmarks from concept through final production.

Hand Lettering is a unique expression — taking an identity or wordmarks beyond visual typography or a typeface that might be modified. This one-day workshop will focus on further developing a wordmark or lettering piece — initially started ahead of time by each student.

Hand lettering has a deep history and foundation in enhancing a brand personality or a feeling. This style is an art form — combining fundamental type, space and illustration of letter forms with an identity created first in pencil. In the final stages, following best practices for vector translation and how to approach an assignment, students will learn what methods work best to speed up the process without losing quality for final output. Gerard will present a wide variety of work that he has created for well-known clients. Examples: pre-computer and traditional pencil-to-ink, plus current digital projects.


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