28 Feb-05 Mar 2019

The Copperhouse Gallery, Dublin

Eighteen artists explore the words we cannot say in an exciting new Dublin type & lettering exhibition.

Artists featured are ACHES, Emmalene Blake, Syd Bluett, Ror Conaty, Dave D’arcy, Robin Fuller, Stephen Heffernan, Meagan Hyland, Mack Signs, Fiona McDonnell, Holly Pereira, Horhay Ruíz, Richard Seabroooke, Jacky Sheridan, Signs of Power, Steve Simpson, VENTS, and Wonders & Signs.

Taking place at the Copper House Gallery, Dublin, Letterbomb is an exhibition that explores type and lettering design.

In recent years, type and lettering design has entered the public consciousness as an art-form unto itself. From this activity, fresh communities have evolved where skills, techniques and ideas are shared. Letterbomb will take a cross-section of styles and approaches within this movement, and investigate a gamut of graphic design modes, through type and lettering design. The exhibition brings together eighteen sign-painters, typographers, graphic designers, illustrators and graffiti artists.

Using the theme of ‘Taboo’ as its subject, Letterbomb features Ireland’s most prolific and progressive practitioners working in the field. Taboos are things we tacitly understand to be not quite acceptable in a particular setting or community, yet still people do them anyway. Playfully acknowledging the orthodoxies inherent in typographical disciplines, the theme of ‘taboo’ provided a space for the participating artists to break rules, and reimagine form. The works in Letterbomb explores this grey area between acceptable and unacceptable; between
legible and illegible; communication and non-communication.

This exhibition gathers an array of exciting works by artists & designers working with letters in Dublin & Belfast today. It examines, investigates and challenges the words we cannot say, and how actions and expressions sometimes speak louder than their content. The show is a fresh and exciting take on contemporary type and lettering design. It offers its audience a unique opportunity to experience lettering, language and taboos in a visual and inventive way.


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