Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy: Standard Script

10 Feb 2018

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London

Chinese calligraphy is an essential part of Chinese culture, and a unique form of oriental art. In the time of the Chinese imperial examination system, calligraphy was a valued measure of one’s education; In Chinese brush paintings, calligraphy has always been an integrated part.

There are five main scripts or styles: seal, official, regular, running and cursive, among them regular and running are more practical and useful.

This introductory workshop will mainly focus on the regular style, covering the basic strokes, the rules for stroke order for writing common words and phrases. There will be a particular focus on popular phrases and titles used in Chinese brush paintings of flowers and birds.

All materials are provided on this course, including brushes, ink and paper. Please wear clothing that you do not mind getting ink on.

All levels of experience and ability welcome. Familiarity with the characters is not required.


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