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Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence

Last night I attended the sell-out screening of Wall Writers: Graffiti in its Innocence at London’s Prince Charles Cinema. The feature-length documentary traces the origins of contemporary graffiti in late-1960s and early-1970s New York and Philadelphia. Director Roger Gastman tracked down the writers of 50 years ago, in order to focus on the individuals that developed and evolved the then fledgling culture. These contemporary interviews are blended with archival footage and stills to paint a fascinating picture of urban deprivation, and the response to this in a new form of youth culture and expression.

The London screening was organised and promoted by Mindspray (Pride/Chrome Angelz) and featured an extended Q+A afterwards with Mike171 from the film. The film is available to stream online, and there are more screenings planned, with the next happening in New York on March 22nd. There is also a large-format book to accompany the film (Publisher; Amazon UK; Abebooks USA).

Thank you to Mindspray for bringing the film to London, and Mike171 for being part of a brilliant event (and sharing your old footage online…)

Better Letters Circus’ Northeast Tour: Fall 2015

We’ve just finished the tour, taking our hand-lettering workshops to four American cities in three weeks. It all kicked off in Cincinnati with the Letterheads 40th anniversary meet, with Philadelphia, New York and Providence also hosting workshops. There were stops along the way in Pittsburgh and Boston, and plenty of time on the road in the Northeastern states of the USA. Labeled the Better Letters Circus for the non-stop fun and lettering it promised, here is a collection of photos with captions to show how it lived up to its billing.

Massive thanks to everyone that made it possible, and such an unforgettable experience. In no particular order (please tell me if I’ve forgotten anyone!): All the participants that signed up and got their brushes wet; Mike & Ayleen Meyer; Tim Meyer; David Kynaston; Cheryl McLean; American Sign Museum; Gibbs Connors; Colossal Media; Providence Painted Signs; All the Letterheads 40 organisers; Naomi Lipsky; Society of Gilders; A.S. Handover; W&B Gold Leaf; Franklin Trailers; Overall Murals; Van Zee Sign Co; Jeff Lang; Frank Jump; Best Dressed Signs; Pre-Vinylite Society; Providence Journal; Amsterdam Sign Painters; Caetano Calomino; Herb Lubalin Study Centre; Cooper Union; Paul Shaw; The Typophiles; Cam Bortz; Molly Woodward; Vernacular Typography; Scott Menke; Pronk Festival; And everyone that signed my copy of the Sign Painters book, and Gilly and Nika who held the fort back home while I was on the road.

Sign Painting Around the World: Better Letters Workshops, Autumn 2015

This Autumn Better Letters is taking Mike Meyer and David Kynaston’s workshops around the world with dates in Europe, the USA and Australia. In addition there will be a London screening of Sign Painters, as part of the London Design Festival, and talks from Mike Meyer in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The full schedule of workshops and events is given below, with details also available on the Better Letters Facebook Page. Contact info@betterletters.co or call +44 7989 409 046 with any questions.