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When Monocle Magazine Met the Letterheads

Unbeknown to most visitors, Monocle Magazine were cruising around last year’s Letterheads meet in Amsterdam, capturing material for the short film below. As well as Mike Meyer’s various patches, it was great to see two additional Better Letters workshop facilitators in the film, Cheryl McLean from Australia and Gustavo Ferrari from Argentina. Just goes to show how international the movement has become ahead of meets in Oslo and Maidenhead this year…

Fileteado Porteño: History & Workshops

Eye magazine has published an article on the history of Argentina’s vernacular decorative craft of Fileteado Porteño, including a host of archival photos. It was written by Gustavo Ferrari, who is currently in Europe ahead of facilitating two introductory workshops, 23-24 July in London, and 6-7 August in Berlin. Read the full article here.

The Berlin workshop is being hosted by Make! Skilled Hands. Find out more about Better Letters’ wider workshops programme.

historia 16 Carboni 02