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Mike Meyer Morgue File

The Morgue File brings together clippings and other ephemera gathered by Mike Meyer over the years as inspiration for signs and lettering. The book is a collaboration between Mike Meyer, Better Letters, designer Alice Mazzilli, printers 12–B and paper merchants G.F Smith. Printed by Risograph on Munken (main pages) and Colorplan (cover and section dividers), each cover has been hand stamped by Mike Meyer.

The book officially launched at Greetings from Amsterdam (26 August), and unofficially at an event in London (13 September). It is available exclusively from A.S.Handover, via their online shop and London outlet.

Here are some behind the scenes videos and photos showing some of the production process for this book, and visit the shop to see other goodies from Better Letters.

Justin Green & The Sign Game

Breaking the Rules, a Sign Game comic from Justin Green / http://justingreencartoonart.blogspot.co.uk
Breaking the Rules, a Sign Game cartoon from Justin Green: http://justingreencartoonart.blogspot.co.uk

A word of warning to anyone heading to Cincinnati for the 40th anniversary Letterheads meet – don’t end up in this building! The location of this comic from Sign Game cartoonist Justin Green caught my eye and reminded me of this series of sign painter interviews from 99% Invisible.

Those who have seen the film Sign Painters will recognise Justin’s voice, alongside those of the film’s directors Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. (Another London screening is coming in September as part of the London Design Festival.)

If you’re interested in seeing more of Justin’s Sign Game cartoons then you can order the book from Amazon in the UK or Last Gasp Books in the USA. You can also find lots of his work on his dedicated blog.