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When Monocle Magazine Met the Letterheads

Unbeknown to most visitors, Monocle Magazine were cruising around last year’s Letterheads meet in Amsterdam, capturing material for the short film below. As well as Mike Meyer’s various patches, it was great to see two additional Better Letters workshop facilitators in the film, Cheryl McLean from Australia and Gustavo Ferrari from Argentina. Just goes to show how international the movement has become ahead of meets in Oslo and Maidenhead this year…

Letterheads 2016: Greetings from Amsterdam

Last month saw over 150 letterheads from five continents (25+ countries) descend on the beautiful city of Amsterdam for three days of learning, lettering and networking. Hosted by the Amsterdam Sign Painters, it was an incredible event with over 20 workshops covering everything from window splashes, to chrome lettering, to distressed signs. These were followed by a free for all on the final day where all sorts of vehicles and other blank canvasses were provided for people to let their brushes loose on.

The following are some of the photos and videos I captured at Greetings from Amsterdam, and you can find lots more from others on the Facebook event page, and via #Letterheads2016 on Instagram. There are already two forthcoming meets, so if you missed out this time then make sure you’re at either or both of Joby Carter’s in November and Oslo Norway in June next year. Massive thanks to Miranda, Jasper, and all the Amsterdam Sign Painters for making the 2016 meet a showstopper!

Better Letters at the European Sign Expo

We were invited to participate in the European Sign Expo, part of FESPA Digital 2016 in Amsterdam. It was an action packed week of activities in the ‘Signage Demo Area’, with David Kynaston and Mike Meyer collaborating on a pre-designed panel, facilitating the opportunity for attendees to ‘have a go’, and painting names and other messages in our ‘live lettering’ sessions. We also sneaked into the FESPA annual awards and had some unscheduled fun with miscellaneous props…

Here are some photos and feedback on our work at the event. Massive thanks to: All the team at FESPA and the European Sign Expo; G.F Smith/Colorplan; Mick Pollard; Amsterdam Sign Painters; Iris; Andreas Otto; A.S.Handover.


Better Letters’ Panel

Video Interlude

FESPA Awards

Other Highlights

Highlights on Social Media

Thank You!

Sign Painting Around the World: Better Letters Workshops, Autumn 2015

This Autumn Better Letters is taking Mike Meyer and David Kynaston’s workshops around the world with dates in Europe, the USA and Australia. In addition there will be a London screening of Sign Painters, as part of the London Design Festival, and talks from Mike Meyer in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The full schedule of workshops and events is given below, with details also available on the Better Letters Facebook Page. Contact info@betterletters.co or call +44 7989 409 046 with any questions.


Hand-Lettering Workshops on Tour: September 2014

September saw Mike Meyer come over to Europe for a month of sign painting, lettering workshops and Cadbury’s eating.

It all kicked off in Rochester with the international Letterheads meet at Mick Pollard’s place. This was swiftly followed by a screening of Sign Painters, with a lettering demonstration and Q+A for Pick Me Up in London. 24 graphic design students from RMIT in Melbourne then joined us at the Arcola Theatre in Dalston for an intensive one-day workshop with Mike and his Minnesota buddy Dave Correll.

Next it was to the mainland and back by plane and train to run workshops in Bologna (hosted by Barbara, Fabio and Alice), Amsterdam (hosted by Jasper and the Dutch Sign Painters Guild), Paris (hosted by Jean-Michel and Morgane), London (at the Bamboo Bicycle Club) and Nottingham (hosted by Norman and Waste Studio) before heading back to Mezeppa, Mike’s home in the mid-West.

Thank you to everyone that hosted, participated, filmed and photographed the workshops and other events. The next European tour is planned for February/March next year and dates are gradually being added to the workshops page. Before that will be a series of workshops in Australia (Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne) and the USA (Baton Rouge and New York).

The film above was created by Jérôme Sallerin, who also took the photos from Paris below. Additional photography is from The View Finder (Rochester) and Gianluca Perticoni/Eikon Studio (Bologna).