Keepin’ it Casual

Following the Mazeppa print of 2014 (see below), Mike Meyer has produced another limited edition alphabet print, this time his casual alphabet. Each brush stroke a shown in a different colour on this 50cm x 70cm, 5-colour screen-printed piece on 310gsm southbank coarse paper. Each of the 35 prints is individually signed and ships from the UK with orders here through Big Cartel.

Mike Meyer Morgue File: Book 1

The Morgue File brings together clippings and other ephemera gathered by Mike Meyer over the years as inspiration for signs and lettering. The book is a collaboration between Mike Meyer, Better Letters, designer Alice Mazzilli, printers 12-B and paper merchants G.F Smith. Printed by Risograph on Munken (main pages) and Colorplan (cover and section dividers), each cover has been hand stamped by Mike Meyer. The book officially launched at Greetings from Amsterdam, and unofficially at an event in London. It is available exclusively from A.S.Handover, via their online shop and London outlet. Check out this blog post for some more photos, and behind the scenes footage from the production process.

Mike Meyer at Print Club London

A collaboration with the great folks at Print Club London, this screen print has been created using only analog processes. Mike’s original signwritten artwork was used as the basis for creating three positives on trace. These were then used to produce the three screens, ahead of printing and signing.

This limited edition of 100 features Mike’s creative aphorism, ‘Think of the Obvious, and do the Opposite’, printed in his trademark orange and blue. On pulling the last few prints, Mike commented that, “this is the fastest lettering I’ve ever done!

Read more about the print on the Print Club London blog, and grab one before they’re all gone here.

‘Mazeppa’ by Mike Meyer

Inspired by an instructional device in Mike Meyer‘s Mazeppa sign shop, this print shows the brush strokes used to produce the Signpainters’ Gothic Alphabet. The clarity and beauty of the design was spotted by Otto Baum while visiting Mike’s ‘Mazeppa Mardi Gras‘ Letterheads meet in March 2014. His photograph of the original provided the basis for this beautiful and educational print which was produced in a limited edition of 200.

NB. This print is now sold out.
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