The Ephemeral Nature of Lettering Arts

20 Sep 2017

Devonshire House, London

As part of the Bankside Design District for London Design Festival, Letterform Archive will launch their first UK exhibition with a special event, panel discussion and Q&A with specialist speakers from a range of disciplines in typography and design.

Rob Saunders
Founder of Letterform Archive, San Francisco

Paul Antonio
Master Calligrapher and Founder of Paul Antonio Scribe

Sam Roberts
Founder of Better Letters and Ghost Signs

Chaired by Donald Hyslop, Director of Regeneration and Community Partnerships at Tate Modern

The experts will debate questions around the transitory nature of lettering and the interconnectedness of various lettering, calligraphic and type traditions.

  • In today’s digital age, how can we preserve the physical, tactile, tangible mediums of lettering?
  • Physicality is an important aspect of writing. How does this work with material which is non-archival such as ghostsigns in the public realm?
  • How is the ancient art of calligraphy and the traditional craft of hand lettering influencing modern design?

Join the conversation as part of a question and answer session following the panel discussion.

During the evening you’ll also have the opportunity to explore the Letterform Archive exhibition on the graphic design process.


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