SVA Masters Workshop

11 - 25 June 2017

Various Venues, Rome

Set in the birthplace of Western typographic tradition, the SVA Masters Workshop assignment in Rome will increase your understanding and appreciation of classical Italian inscription and typography. An introduction to Latin type will focus on the Trajan Column and other archaeological roots of Western typography, while the contemporary vernacular influenced by the past will be explored as well.

You will study how the Roman letter developed, where and through which means it was advanced as the standard Western writing form, and you will create a personal journal recording Roman type, past and present. You will use the Roman letter as a trigger for your own typographic explorations. Throughout the workshop, there will be personal journeys through the streets, guided tours to museums, libraries, and ancient sites, as well as close up views and research of monuments and their inscriptions—surveying the ruins where type contributes to design history of the classical and modern periods.

The final project produced in any chosen medium—print, digital or video— will be a guide to Rome that introduces others to the best places to sample good type, good food and all things Roman. In the past workshops, typefaces have been designed that are inspired by the Roman experience. Several days foraging, visiting and researching material will serve as basis for the project. The objective is for you to produce viable projects that could potentially be launched and that definitely serve as intellectual and emotional record of how Rome impacts you as a designer.


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