Script & Colour with Gaynor Goffe

24 - 28 July 2017

Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London

This will be an intensive week of calligraphy, suitable for all levels from beginner to experienced, as much of the tuition is on an individual basis with frequent group demonstrations.

The development of Western calligraphy since Roman times encompasses a wide variety of scripts. Learning a selection of these historical scripts provides a firm foundation for more personal exploration with letterform and design.

Beginners will learn one or two scripts and those with previous experience of calligraphy can improve scripts, learn new scripts and experiment with script variations according to personal preference, and all course participants can use them in tutor-led projects in the layout and design of texts, using ink, and colour in the pen and background. Beginners will achieve an understanding of letterform and letter spacing, in the particular scripts studied, plus basic layout and design and use of tools and materials.

More experienced calligraphers will progress their skills and understanding of a variety of letterforms and design.

Please bring a penholder; a range of Mitchell or Rexel square-cut ’round hand’ nibs (for all scripts except copperplate, and left oblique for left-handers), sizes 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4; and 2 slip-on reservoirs (the ones with 2 little holes in).

All other materials will be provided, but if you have any calligraphy materials in addition to the ones listed above, feel free to bring them along to the class.


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